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Open Internal Medicine

World’s first open internal medicine textbook is being written here.

A team of medical specialists and doctors from all over the world join forces to create a textbook of the highest quality.

Written by specialists.

Quality is our primary concern. This is why we work with medical specialists; the same who would write your paid textbook. Our content is continuously peer reviewed and updated to the latest scientific evidence. No more outdated textbooks, this resource matches the speed of medical science. 

Use everything we have.

The great thing about open education is that you can use, copy and republish any content you find on this website. 

Copy and paste anything you like. Create your own study readers, copy text for your own site or use our material to create some amazing presentations in minutes. Don’t worry about copyright, all of our material is licensed under Creative Commons. Any references you would need to include are neatly organised under each page. 

Anywhere, anytime.

Whether you are a student or doctor, we understand you need access to information as quick as possible. 

No need to login, or use a computer connected to your institution’s network. Project Tulip is accessible for anyone, anywhere, from any device, for free. 

Is your textbook available online yet? We are.

Achieve your goals.

Study smarter, study ahead, study efficiently. 

Project Tulip believes that you should be able to learn whatever you want, whenever you want and however you want. This means students and professionals need the right tools to study online and it’s why we believe that precious time spent studying must be used as efficiently as possible. In the era of life-long learning in a digital world, studying medicine never stops.


Did we answer your question already?

Other questions we’d gladly answer, so feel free to shoot us an email. 

What is Project Tulip?

An open medical publisher founded in 2018 in the Netherlands with a mission to provide anyone, anywhere access to medical knowledge.

How do you provide quality?

Medical specialists write, review and update all content on the platform to assure you can trust the material you’re reading. 

Why is some content grey?

Not all content is ready for publishing, check back again soon if your topic of interest has been published. 

How can I help?

We are always looking for talented writers to help us in our mission for free medical education. Email us!

Can I copy anything here?

All content is published under Creative Commons licences, unless otherwise stated. You are free and encouraged to use, adapt and share within these limits.

Is it really free?

The Project Tulip Academy is funded by donations and grants. There is no freemium business model as we want users to have total access and freedom.

Why donate?

By donating to the Project Tulip Foundation, you help ensure free access to open medical education worldwide.

I found an error, what's next?

Please report your comments by sending us an email.